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  • 24 December 2016
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I really hope its ok to ask this question and here and that someone (anyone) can help me. I'm not very good with technical things which is why i need all the help you are willing to offer.

I share my internet code with a few of my neighours which i honestly don't mind doing . But recently SonosZP and Chromcast have been appearing in my new device section on my IP page. Ever since these appeared my Internet seems to be very very slow and was wondering if the above devices are the culprits . It was working fine before but just lately it has slowed right down . I contacted my internet provider and they said there were no reported faults in my area.

I just wanted to make sure it was my suspicions before i mention anything to my neighbours and change my code

( Hope all that makes sense)

Thank you to anyone that can me . I really appricate it

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2 replies

Sonos doesn't use much data and isn't going to slow down your internet. But any of your nwighbours might have started doing things that would use lots of bsndwidth. For all sorts of reasons i would not allow neighbours to connect to my wifi.
It is also possible that the problem is with your own network. Try powering down your router and everything that connects to it. Then power up the router first then everything else, one device at a time.
Thank you so much for your help .. I keep resetting my router every time it slows down and i give it a temp password . Every time i do this it speeds up again so im guessing They are doing something else that is slowing me down . I guess i will have to grow a pair and ask them what they are doing out right lol . ( I hate awkward conversations lol ) .

Thank you so much for your advice .. You've been very helpful x