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  • 30 May 2020
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Will Sonos play one work with Apple TV gen 4 by themselves when watching a movie, Sonos one gen 2 speakers are showing up in Apple TV but when I select what speakers l want the sound to go to the video images switch off. Do I need to have a Sonos Playbar as a link for them to work

4 replies

The PLAY:1s do not have a good enough processor to allow them to be AirPlay 2 targets. You would need to either group them with a Sonos One, which can be an AirPlAY 2 target, or set them up as surrounds with a Sonos sound bar, which would then get the audio through a connection between the sound bar and the TV, and send the surround information to the PLAY:1s via Wi-Fi.

Thanks for your reply, sorry I do have the Sonos ones but I put wrote play ones by mistake, thought that I would need a play bar as a link to the speakers, just to clarify though will the Sonos ones work by themselves without out the play bar when watching movies as Itunes speakers show up but when I select them the video switches off due to speaker selection being selected and Apple TV is un-selected 

Thanks again Steve 

Your run on sentence has me confused.

Are you watching something using iTunes on a computer, and “casting” that to your Apple TV using the AirPlay 2 network, and then also trying to use AirPlay 2 from the computer to send the audio to a second device, the Sonos Ones?

To my knowledge, that won’t work. I think you could use the Apple TV to connect via AirPlay 2 to the speakers, and then use the computer’s AirPlay 2 to connect to the Apple TV,  but it’s not possible to have two separate AirPlay 2 streams, one for video, the other for audio, from a single device. This is an Apple limitation, has nothing whatsoever to do with Sonos. 

If I’ve misunderstood what you’re attempting to do, please let me know. 

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In short, yes the Ones work as target for Airplay 2 and don’t need a separate Playbar to work. 

But they are audio only, so if you try to Airplay a video directly to the Ones, you will only get sound. 

So @Airgetlam is right: you need to cast the video to you Apple TV and then set the Ones as speakers on the Apple TV: Push/slide down on the Apple Remote for the Apple TV and choose the Ones for audio.