sonos whole house setup

  • 23 July 2021
  • 1 reply

I’ve recently been turning my living room into a home cinema piece by piece, currently have the arc, 2 of the Sub gen 3  and 2 ones for my surround setup, also have 2 moves which I absolutely love. 

going to upgrade to 2 fives for my surrounds, and putting the 2 Sonos 1 in my hallway and basement :) 

the sound quality is insane, the newly introduced Apple spatial audio works great with the Apple TV 4K 


really impressed 

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1 reply

Honestly, I’d do it slightly differently. Use the Two Sonos Ones as the surrounds, and put the Fives in the hallway and Basement.

There just isn’t enough use in a normal surround signal, in my opinion, to need the “oomph” of a Five. Unless you’re using them in “Full” mode for music, of course.