Sonos / TV / HTPC Configuration Question

  • 16 November 2016
  • 3 replies

Hi All,

I've got a configuration question I was hoping people could help out with.

I've got a Windows 10 PC that acts as a HTPC with HDMI into a Sony TV.

I'm not that keen on the PlayBar (it just won't physically fit with my setup) so was looking to get

1 * Sonos Connect
2 * Sonos Play 3
1 * Sonos Play 1

and run an Optical cable from the TV to the Sonos Connect.

Will this work so I can play

* Audio from the TV
* Audio from the PC on HDMI Passthrough
* Audio from the App for Spotify/Pandora etc

Or is the Connect only for using with your own speakers?

Will there be any latency /sync issues with the HTPC if i'm playing Netflix etc?

Thanks in advance


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3 replies

The CONNECT has an optical output not input.
Crap ... :)

So is there any other way to connect a TV to the Sonos eco system (with a digital signal, not analog) without the PlayBar?
Nope. The Connect doesn't have a surround decoder either, the whole plan is a complete non-starter.