Sonos Surround Speakers crackle/static sound

  • 20 March 2017
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Hi there. Same issue here with a surround setup using PlayBar plus two Play 1's and a sub. Started as infrequent pop/hum and got louder and more consistent over the course of a couple hours. Tried isolating out the surrounds but it is still coming through the playbar. Submitted diagnostics 1514755941.
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Hi there, k00jd01. Thanks for the diagnostic report and for the details. Could you tell us the make and model of the TV you are connecting the PLAYBAR directly to?

Thanks! It’s a Samsung UN49KU7000FXZA. The issue seems to be isolated to streaming video (not a problem for cable -yet).
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Understood. Happy to help. Would you mind changing the output of the TV to Stereo (or PCM) and testing the audio again? Do the issues persist?

Additionally, is the TV directly connected to the PLAYBAR via optical cable or does it go to any other devices before going to the PLAYBAR?
Hi. Unfortunately, I have the same issue with my PLAY:5 - non-stop background crackling whilst playing and for a couple of minutes after finishing. Have hooked up directly to router via ethernet, but makes no difference. Also, a pair of PLAY:1s hooked up as a group with the PLAY:5 have no crackling, so I assume that issue is with the latter. I have raised diagnostics report 1102268480 - would you please investigate and advise how to remedy. Thanks
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Hi there, WizardOfFoz. Thanks for the diagnostic report. It seems your Kitchen and Conservatory players are having a hard time maintaining a wireless connection to your Huawei router. Specifically, the Kitchen player is dropping up to 25% of the data due to interference. Check out this helpful FAQ about reducing wireless interference and let me know if you find it helpful.

If you continue to run into problems, I would recommend giving our support technicians a call to troubleshoot in real time.
I have also submitted diags. I am getting an intermittent interference noise from my playbar (not from the play1 surrounds) and it's loud and obnoxious. Diagnostics: 1212855553
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Thanks for the diagnostic report, ljsommer. I was unable to pull up any information from the report. This normally points to a problem getting data to or from Sonos on the network. Could you tell us a little more about the local network? Specifically, I am curious about the make and model of your router and if any of your Sonos devices are plugged directly into the main routing unit. If there aren't any please plug any of your Sonos devices into the network and submit another diagnostic report. I'll be happy to see if we can get any data from another report.

Thanks in advance!
Experiencing significant crackling. Submitted diagnostics report 310925309
I’m having the same issue with my playbar and sonos 1. Heres diagnostic number 2105245159.
I'm experiencing the playbar crackling/popping sound and also the left hand Play1 makes a HORRIBLE vibrating noise even with no bass when playing music,. Submitted diagnostics report: 1833457372.
I’m having the same issue; crackling sound at low volume, and a horrendous muffled/echo sound, only when watching cable. I have xfinity x1, been fine for over a year until the day before yesterday.. This noise is infuriating..

Confirmation #1809750241
I've had my playbar and 2 play ones for almost a year with absolutely no issues... Today all of a sudden crackling sounds are coming from one of the play ones.. My diagnostic is 1496296006.. Plz help me.. The noise is getting extremely annoying
I am also experiencing this issue. I have had 0 issues with my setup of a play bar and two Play 1's working in conjunction with Xfinixy X1 and a Sony XBR49X900E. Then all of the sudden today I started getting a crackling noise from one of the Play 1's. Diagnostic # 2066599123. Please assist.
Hello, I found this thread because of a similar issue. I have a player, two play 1 as surround and a sub. Just recently annoying static is coming from the surround play 1's. Usually during watching broadcast television. Its really annoying. I'd appreciate any assistance. Diagnostic # 11776399993. Thank you
I’ve been a Sonos fan until today. I had six Sonos speakers that worked fine until recently. That’s when an older model Play 5 started crackling. I called Sonos a number of times and finally was told to make a video of the cracking speaker and email it to a customer service rep, which I did. Yup, the friendly rep said, your speaker is crackling. The best Sonos could do was to offer me a new speaker at a discount. Not what I wanted to hear. If you spend $500 on a speaker, it should last more than five years. I’ve noticed numerous complaints about crackling speakers, which tells me that Sonos has a built in problem with its speakers that could be an Achilles heel for a company that deals in only one specialty market. Sonos should guarantee its speakers for at least a decade with normal wear and tear. Or, at least, the company should have places where you can take your speakers for repair. They don’t repair defective speakers, which I simply can’t understand. I treat my speakers very well. Never blast them. And yet, Sonos expects me to pay $350 to replace a $500 speaker I bought five years ago and no longer functions. One more complaint: Sonos needs to have a complaint hotline online when customers want to contact managers about their complaints.
I’ve had my play 5 (first gen) probably for about 6 or so years. I too have the crackling issue! I remember (a long time ago) speaking with tech support but, they couldn’t resolve the problem.
Diag code: 455320965
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Hi folks,

If you're hearing a crackle or static sound on your speakers, try disabling TruePlay, and then tuning the speaker again. If that doesn't help, please give us a call. You can find our phone number and hours in your region here.

I have the disturbing, bbbzzzzzz noise in my System. I own an Playbar, 2x Sonos One, SUB. My diagnostic number is 946884388. Please correct it or send my the intstructions.

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards.
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Hi @Boris_86, thanks for reaching out. For this it'd be best if you can contact our support team directly, as there's some troubleshooting that needs to be done live. You can find our phone number and hours in your region here.
Hi, I submitted a diagnostic # 1177242075

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Hi, I submitted a diagnostic # 1177242075


Hi there,

It looks like you have a Play:1. Are you having a crackling sound come from it? From what audio sources? There isn't a whole lot in your report that would explain why there's an issue. You might try running Trueplay tuning and see if that helps.
I'm having the issue with my Play 1 speaker crackling. It's not consistent, but seems to happen when background sounds/music increase in volume while watching movies.

Diagnostic code: 1772943241
Same cracking issue when using Airplay, even when i change the output to stereo. Diagnostic #78508007. This happens whether the output is a LG Electronics OLED65E6P TV (2016 Model) or an iphone 7.
I have the same problem with my Play 5. It just occured - no changes to the setup or wifi or anything. Submitted diagnose 1929851280.