Sonos Surround Speakers crackle/static sound

  • 20 March 2017
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Good day, I have a Playbar and two Play 1s as surround speakers. Coming from my left Play 1, I sometimes hear crackling or static sound coming from it. Anybody have this issue before and if so how did you fix it. Thanks!

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54 replies

I have the same issue and I have no idea what's wrong. Already updated to 7.2 and reconfig the True Play already.
May I suggest that you submit a system diagnostic and post the number here, so that the folks at Sonos can look at the log files for your system, and perhaps help you further? You'd need to run that diagnostic within about 10 minutes of the crackling occurring, I'm sure there's a time limit on how much data they include in the diagnostic submission.
I've submitted a system diagnostic.
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I've submitted a system diagnostic.

Hi Cody Welcome to the community! Sorry to hear you are having challenges with your play 1. I can definitively say that I have no issue with any of the Sonos products I have including 6 Play 1s... (2 are set up as a 5.1 surround pair) ... so unless static exists on the original audio file... I'm confident something doesn't seem right.

FYI - You need to post the diagnostic number back here so the Sonos Staff can connect it to you and post her after seeing your post, and then reviewing the associated diagnostic. If you don't have/recall the number... submit another within 10 minutes of the problem occurring and post again back here on this thread.
Thanks! I didn't know I had to post the number. Diagnostic number 7232045.
I didn't mean to say this thread was answered by the way. Must of hit the thumbs up by mistake!
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Thanks! I didn't know I had to post the number. Diagnostic number 7232045.

Hi cody.brian, thanks for posting your diagnostics. One issue I can see is a lot of wireless noise around the PLAYBAR, which may be contributing to the problem. Please try to move anything electrical or wireless as far away as is practical for you from the PLAYBAR. Your router, wireless extenders and Hi-Fi amplifiers are common causes of interference if they are too close. I can see 7 networks sharing the same wireless channel all with a similar name as 'TELUS######-2.4G'. If these are all yours, then they all seem to have quite a strong signal and I would suggest that you do not need so many access points active at once and switching a few off may actually increase performance. If just one of these is yours, then try changing it to channel 6.

Other than wireless interference, the issue could simply be a faulty speaker. You can test this by removing it from the surround sound setup via the Room Settings menu in the app. Connect it directly to the router with Ethernet cable and play some music through it. If you still get the crackle, then we'd have to do a replacement for you.
I have the same issue, submitted diagnostics - Your confirmation number is: 7783178.
Having the same problems. My diagnostics confirmation # 7842710
Same issue here. Diag# 7948200
Same issue Diagnosic #7966848
Same problem with a gen 1 play 5. Diagnostic 7988204
Connecting to the router directly and also through the bridge when music is played there is increasing crackling on the speaker. When the music is paused the cracklings remains fir a couple of mins in an intermittent way then disappears. It returns as soon as the music starts to play again.
It would seem to be a speaker issue so what can we do to resolve it?
Been with Sonos for 2 1/2 years now. Biggest mistake switching from Bose to Sonos. Never had a single proble with Bose. I am having constant static and pitching sounds from sound bar. I had to return soundbar last year for the same exact reason. Anytime a voice or sound go’s up quickly, the sound bar crackles or gets muffled. Very frustrating! Please advise what to do?
I spent all last night connecting the speaker in different ways to the router directly and through the bridge with no success ie same crackling. This morning i tried again with a direct wireless and then a wired connection to the router to see if the line in would react any more positively. Connected an iPhone and at first i had the same crackling and then a low emitting hiss from the speaker when connecting the line in. Rebooting the speaker removed the hiss which came back as soon as music was played no matter the network connection type.
I read another post about an issue with the switched mode power supply perhaps causing the hissing noise. The speaker which is causing the problem has not been used regularly and left switched off for long periods. I decided then to reboot once more which removed the hiss and crackling and leave the speaker switched on for some time in standby to see if the PS would perhaps settle down (i appreciate this does not sound too technical). Result is that I came back later in the day and the speaker is playing perfectly in all rooms which i have moved it to. No hiss, no crackling No changes to the network or the settings, just factory resets on the speaker, reconnected to the router and left it switched on for a couple of hours.
I did ask Sonos earlier today if the Power supply could have been the source of both crackling and hissing with submitted diagnostics but have not had a reply yet.
I have to also add a comment to p123 above. The speaker I had the problem with is a single unit in a second home and as i said not used too often over the last 2-3 years. In my main home I have a play bar, play 1's a sub in the living room, play 5's and a sub in a family room and a connect amp, deck and JBL speakers in a lounge with a Boost also in place. I have used Sonos for years never had a problem with that set up and cannot fault their product in any way up to the point i had the above noted problem with the gen 1 play 5.
I have Playbar and 2X Sonos 1 connected to TV. Since last 2 days without any reason it is giving intermittent electronic noise/hiss. Can't figure out what has changed as nothing has changed much from settings or locations.
I have submitted the diagnostics. no. 8028309.
Can you please check and let me know.
Hi there, I bought my Sonos Playbar yesterday and I also orderd 2 x Sonos Play 1 and they will be arriving tomorrow. I have the same Problem with "crackle/static sound" like everbody is discribing. I am very dissaponted about it because i was looking forward to enjoing the surround system but now when i turn off the music or Tv i still hear high pitch noise and it is really annoying. I can even turn off the sound system. I have to plug it off.
I have tried everthing to solve this Problem like:
- connect Playbar only with WLAN
- connect Playbar only with LAN
- change the Plug from the other systems like TV, Playstation, router
- I also put the Playbar far away from the TV

and now I have submitted the diagnostics for you guys to solve the Problem My Number is 8135499
Can you please check

I already own two Sonos play3, one Sonos play5, one Sonos sub, one Sonos sound bar. I recently ordered playone from the US and I was told that they don’t ship to dubai but I didn’t want to wait that long and I was told that if I continue with the order m warranty would be void. I told them that I own so many Sonos products for years and I believe there wouldn’t be any issues. I received my Sonos one and just love the bass at Lowe volumes. I have never played the speaker at more than half the volume and the bass honestly is impressive at lower volumes. The thing that has bothered me the most from an earphone or speakers is the cracking sound with bass and to my bad luck, the Sonos one is producing the same cracking sound. Is it my mistake to have believed in the Sonos brand to deliver a quality product?? I think Sonos team here is the track that I suggest you play to test your speakers before you ship them. “Time” by Hans zimmer. The cracking sound will be absolutely clear in the first 3 seconds and will stay throughout.

For me even though the speaker is one month old, I have this cracking sound and I don’t think Sonos will do anything to fix it. Really frustrated 😞
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I have this as well and only seem to notice it when playing TV through it, in particular BBC1, especially movies.

Any news on what the issue is?

Submitted diagnostic 8294023.

Also could be only for Dolby Digital 5.1, as when I change to Stereo I get no issue.
Hi there!

I recently purchased a PLAY1 in the US while on holiday but I live in Canada... returning it might be a bit of a stretch. I am also experiencing these static/crackle sounds - diagnostic code: 8305783. We already had a PLAY1 and wanted to add a second room because we were, and ARE quite pleased with the sound quality of these little guys. The first one hasn't had any issues and we've owned it for a year. The second unit had this issue right out of the box.
I have a PlayBar, Sub and a connect amp connected to Bose Speakers. Just since adding the PlayBar, when watching TV, on occasion we hear a POP then may not hear it again for a long time. Sometimes it happens a few times in a row. Level of sound doesn’t seem to affect it. ...I mean it happens when low, high, etc. My diagnosis confirmation number is 8428231
Hello there, lloydhebert. Thanks for posting your diagnostic report and welcome to the Community, Do you hear this pop on all speakers or is it on a specific player? Are you able to reliably replicate the problem? If so, please tell me the steps you go through to make the pop happen again.

Same issue coming from my play 1 surround speaker

Diagnostic confirmation 8470339
Same issue 1652974714
Same issue as the others. Crackling sound from my playbar and two rear speakers, both play 1. Diagnostic 1537652562.
Hello everyone. Thanks for the diagnostic reports. Can you let us know what is the make and model of the TV you have connected to the PLAYBAR? This will help us to take a closer look at the signal being passed along. Thanks in advance!