Sonos sound from projector with Roku

  • 19 February 2017
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I currently have a playbar connected to my TV and on my patio I have a pair of Play 1 speakers.
I'd like to install a projector on the patio and use roku to stream content to the projected display. Audio will be a problem though and I'd like to stay away from any additional wiring.

How can I get the audio to the Sonos?
I was thinking that maybe if I connect the roku into a wireless HDMI extender and then into my TV which is connected to the playbar with optic cable, I can then play content on my TV, stream the video to the projector and group the Sonos speakers while muting the playbar.
Would something like that work? Do you have any product suggestions to make this work, or would there be an easier way by maybe connecting the roku directly to the projector and streaming the audio to the play 1 speakers?

Any advice would be appreciated!

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