sonos rear left surround start to become more quiet than right after trueplay

  • 14 April 2021
  • 2 replies


Anyone having same issue as me ? After trueplay it sounds good and sounds are balanced on both rear speakers but after a half a day or so , my rear left speaker started to sound quieter compare to my right speaker. I have tried to trick the speaker on the left side to make it louder but then after half day it becomes quieter again. I truely think this is a bug on the trueplay software. I'm using an arc and play 1 surrounds by the way

2 replies


I also tested and changed from ambient sound to full under music and the sound becomes balance again ! But then after half a day also it becomes imbalance . It's driving me insane . Somehow the music surround option affects the tv surround ! 

Seems to be a common problem. Thought, it was due to my room configs, but found out, it always seems to be the left one being quieter.


I found a solution in the sonos reddit.

In the second half of the trueplay setup…  stay seated in your sweet spot and just wave your iphone up down and from center to right. As if you're drawing circles in the air, to the right of your center.

This brought the stereo image back to center in my case.