Sonos Playbar to Connect

  • 26 December 2016
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I currently have in-ceiling speakers connected to a Sonos Connect in a closet upstairs mainly for music...I'm wondering, if I connect my TV to a Sonos Playbar, will I be able to wirelessly connect to the Sonos Connect playing the in ceiling speakers so that the TV sound comes out both the play bar and the inceiling speakers? Thanks!

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7 replies

Yes, except for a couple gotchas. If you want to use the ceiling speakers as surround speakers, you can. Except you need to have both the Connect:Amp and the Playbar wired to Ethernet. If you only want the speakers to play the same TV sound as the Playbar instead of surround, there is going to be a slight delay between the two. Music will play in perfect sync, though.
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I have a multizone amp connected to multiple Sonos Connects which are each connected to in ceiling speakers in each that is already connected to wireless...thinking if I add the playbar and connect to wireless, I should be able to group that with my "Family Room Zone" in-ceiling speakers and then play the TV sound out of those in ceiling speakers in addition to the playbar no? With the delay, do you mean delay in starting up, or delay as in one second behind like an echo? Because that would defeat the purpose then...
Grouped like that, the delay will be slight, not one second, more like 50 ms. But it is noticeable.
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Thanks for the help!

So I have four in-ceiling speakers in my family room currently connected to a Sonos Connect...use it mainly for music. If I add playbar, connected with optical cable to TV, and wirelessly to Sonos network through Sonos Bridge, shouldn't I be able to play TV sound through in-ceiling speakers that way (as opposed to direct wiring via Ethernet)? And, how I would I get the in-ceilings to play surround as opposed to playing the same sound as the TV? Thanks again!
Playing full TV sound would be possible, but there will be a slight delay between the two due to the 2.4 GHz wifi in the Connect models not having the low latency of the Playbar needed for video sync. Music however, would be in perfect sync. For surround, you would need a Connect:Amp instead of the Connect. You would also need to wire the two to the network, or to each other. See this link for details:
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My Connects are wired to my in-ceilings with a Parasound Zone Master 12 channel amp...I should be able to wire those as left and right speakers no via the amplifier?
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Hooked up the Soundbar and it connects to the in-ceiling speakers easily! I'm not a religious audiophile, but to me, I'm not noticing a significant delay.

My B&W speakers that had been originally used as left-right speakers audio output from the TV & my record player are now only audio output for the record player since I had to connect the single digital audio output from the TV to the soundbar...if I want to continue to use those front right/left speakers, does anyone know of a digital audio splitter (so I can have one output to the soundbar and the other to my amplifier/B&W speakers? Or should I do the more expensive option and hook up a Sonos Connect to wirelessly connect to the Soundbar...

Thanks for the help with this! Pumped for movies & sports.