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  • 30 November 2018
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I have older 50" Panasonic plasma in our bedroom that I refuse to throw out as the picture is great. The sound is pretty terrible so I ordered Sonos Playbar. Under the TV I have a small shelf that has cable box and DVD player on top of it ... the shelf also hides all the wires. The TV is mounted on the wall at the foot of the bed in our bedroom (please see attached picture). Any recommendation on where I should mount the Playbar? From my research, people typically mount it below the TV but that option may be not viable due to the shelf. At the same time, if I mount Playbar below the shelf, it will look weird. Is mounting on top of the TV acceptable? Is there a way to point the Playbar down towards the bed, if necessary? I am using the Sonos mounting bracket that I ordered with Playbar.
Thank you for the advice

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6 replies

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As you've got your cables hidden with your small shelf i can't see why you can't mount it underneath and use the shelf to hide the cables.Or if you'd prefer you can mount it above the TV.
Not forgetting:-
If mounting below - 'Sonos' silver strip bottom of Playbar (upward firing), If above - 'Sonos' silver strip top of Playbar (downward firing)
Hi there, I’ve just noticed this post as I’ve asked a somewhat similar question. However rather than attached to the wall behind the tv, I’m keen to suspend beneath a shelf. The shelf will take the weight but I’m struggling to find a suitable mount. The wall mount I have may not be safe when suspending it from the shelf.
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Why not have a local iron monger make you a custom bracket? They can do it all or just the cutting and grinding leaving the final polishing and painting to you.
Great idea Stanley, I may actually make a wooden bracket to drop down from the shelf and then attach the Playbar wall mount to that and then the sonos to the wall mount. I’m drawing up a few sketches now!
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Wood... No flames and sparks... Boring stuff but it should do the job.
Bah. There's beauty in wood. Not boring at all.