Sonos PlayBar and ConnectAmp - wired directly?

  • 22 August 2021
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I have a client who has been using the Playbar (connected to their TV via optical) and a Sonos ConnectAmp (side cabinet with no direct connection) that is connected to 2 wired speakers.

Currently they are using the Sonos app to connect the “connection” between the 2 of them and playing TV audio streaming, but there’s a delay and it disconnects a lot.

My question: With the network connection ports, is there a way to connect the Playbar directly/wired to the ConnectAmp and have them stream/sync together and allow for the TV volume to control the audio on all of them at once? They don’t want to be stuck to the app constantly just for volume control and it disconnecting.


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5 replies

No, unfortunately that’s not quite the way Sonos is designed to function. However, you are close….both sets of speakers can be wired to a router or switch device connected to the router which would remove the potential for wifi interference , but not network interference. Assigning all devices reserved IP addresses in the router’s DHCP table would help with that potential.

But there is several issues that won’t be resolved. First, there will still be a small delay between the PLAYBAR and that second ‘room’. This is due to required buffering in the Sonos system in order to play all connected ‘rooms’ in sync, and can’t be gotten around. 

Second, since the other pair of speakers are set up as a second ‘room’, and not part of the same ‘room’ as surround speakers, there is no method to use the remote control to change the volume on both ‘rooms’ at the same time. It’s been requested for years, but there is no indication that Sonos is interested in implementing it, or frankly if it is technically possible.

As I mentioned, if the second ‘room’ was instead set up as surrounds, as detailed in the setting up Amp or CONNECT:AMP as surround speakers FAQ, then the remote would control all speakers at the same time, but you wouldn’t be getting the center (voice) channel through those speakers, only surround information. 

As long as the setup is as two ‘rooms’, they’ll have to use the controller app. 

Thank you so much for a response.

So the room actually isn't a second room, it would be in the same room. Is there a way to set it up to be the same audio in the same room ( it surround, but stereo maybe)? And if we set it up that way could we control the volume for all of it with the TV remote, or would it have be be controlled via the app?

I'll have to see if the devices can be wired to the network, I believe it's not wired for it so it might have to be wireless. 

Sorry, I wasn’t clear with my use of quotes. The ‘room’ I am talking about is in the Sonos controller as a logical construct, and has nothing to do with physical location of the speakers. 

Essentially, no, there is no way to do what your client wants. The Sonos system is not designed for that type of secondary repeating of the center channel in sync with any of their TV connected devices. 

Thanks so much Bruce, that helped out tremendously. I have relayed the information over to my clients and they are going to make some modifications accordingly. I understand that Sonos is a closed ecosystem, it would just be nice if they had additional features that would make it more robust and Global friendly. Welcome to the Apple of audio video I guess.

Yea, I’m afraid any company will want to provide hardware and software that supports the largest majority of folks, in order to garner profits, rather than focusing on small corner case segments of the marketplace.