Sonos play bar how many watts is it

  • 5 January 2017
  • 2 replies

How many watts would a play bar be close too?
Also any new sonos speakers on the way?

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2 replies

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Watts is completely irrelevant in amplifiers and is used a marketing ploy to make things appear "better". Speaker sensitivity dictates what power ofamplifier should be used. A 100W amp,for a low sensitivty speaker to a 1W valve amp for a high sensitivity speaker. (Sensitivity is a measurement of how loud a speaker is at 1 metre for a power input of 1 watt and is measured in decibells)
Unless you mean watts as in power consumption in which case this information is in the product specifications.

It goes loud,
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As far as new speakers go, like many other companies, Sonos doesn't release info about new devices, or their plans for new features. They're the only ones that know what their plans are, and even then, not everyone at Sonos knows the plans.