Sonos One and Sonos One SL won't work as surround speakers, but work independently

I first noticed the problem trying to setup trueplay, and it said it wasn’t hearing a speaker.  So I tried testing the speakers independently, and both surround speakers work.  However, they produce NO sound when playing music through them.  I have seen other theads that suggest a diagnostic to be sent, so here is the number - Diagnostic: 297518253

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@DerekLanham Sorry for the slow reply and welcome to the Sonos Community. Are you still having this issue? Please let us know if you or an installer setup your wifi network and Sonos products. I ask as your supplied diagnostic report number indicates that you are using Enterprise grade wifi equipment that need their settings properly configured to allow for multi-cast traffic and STP settings for a managed switch or access point. The report also shows that you have disabled the wifi to your Playbar and Sub while keeping them wired to the network. I would suggest keeping the Playbar as the wired product to the router, remove the Ethernet wire from the Sub and enable the wifi on your Playbar and Sub. After making these changes I would then suggest a full network and Sonos product re-boot off/on for 30 seconds. When you are reconnected into the Sonos app then attempt to re-add the surrounds. You can then follow up here with the testing results and a new diagnostic report number here.

If you did not setup your wifi network I would speak with your installer to confirm your network settings are properly configured or have not reverted back to old settings. If we try further troubleshooting steps with you we will need your network topology with the model names and numbers of the products that are wired or wirelessly connected on your network for any modem, router(s), extenders, access points or switches (managed or unmanaged).

Just as an additional note, there’s not a PLAY:1 SL. There’s a PLAY:1, a Sonos One, and a Sonos One SL. The PLAY:1 won’t pair or bond as surrounds with either of the Sonos Ones, but the two Sonos Ones should be able to pair and be used as surrounds.


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  1. I setup my own network, it is a Ubiquiti network that is managed.  My intention is to run all Sonos over the wired network
  2. I made the changes above, the network issues you mention don’t seem to be relevant as everything was setup as advised, although I am still investigating.
  3. Moving to Wifi fixed the setup issue while tuning, but now I can’t get Spotify to work with any of my devices.  Via Spotify it just says connecting forever.  And via the Sonos app it says it lost the connection.  The only resolution I found to this is to reboot my router, which I already did.

@Airgetlam - Yes, I am using a Sonos One and Sonos One SL, not sure what I typed in.

No worries, it was in the title of the thread, which the mod adjusted. Just wanted others to be aware in case they came across your thread. Sonos has a propensity for naming things in a confusing manner. 

OK, now I am reading more that what I am doing is actually wiring a single device and that is creating a Sonos wireless network separate from my wifi network, so all the ethernet cable I routed through my house for Sonos was a waste.  LOL.

I have:

  • Ubiquiti Network with 2 APs 2GH and 5GHz networks, with a single SSID.
  • 2 Surround sound setups with each having a playbar, sub and sonos one and sonos one SL.
  • Sonos Ones throughout my house, planning to add more and create stereo pairs in most rooms.
  • TCL TVs hooked via optical cable to each playbar.

I have ethernet wiring setup so that nearly every speaker could be wired via ethernet.

Right now, the only issue I have is that I can’t get Spotify to play, which play fine on my phone, just not through a Sonos speaker.


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@DerekLanham Thank you for the follow up information. As long the network is properly configured for multi-casting and STP Settings you would want to do a full network and Sonos re-boot after any saved setting changes are made. Then test the music playback with Sonos Radio, TuneIn or Spotify. I can see from a recent diagnostic report(s) that you’re in Sonosnet with your two Playbar’s wired, but into what? Your mobile device shows it can connect to wifi’s named LANHAM, lanham and lanham from different network devices. Please confirm that the phone is not on a different subnet of the Ubiquiti network.

As a test, if you removed the Sonos One or One SL from the surround with the Playbar can you target one of those room names using Airplay from an iOS device on the network? Lastly, if you are able to hard wire Sonos to the network then great, but if you can only wire one or two then the rest of your products will still connect into Sonosnet from each other. Also, unless you are going to wire every Sonos product I would not recommend wiring the Sub or the right unit in a stereo pair or surround setup.

You can follow up here with the testing results and a new diagnostic report number if you can get the music playing for 30+ minutes.