Sonos Center Channel NOT a Soundbar - The Best Option

  • 19 January 2021
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Okay Sonos Community I want you to let Sonos know that as a home owner that has one dedicated room where I have a home theater set up as well as enjoy listening to audiophile quality sound I am having a real hard time with all of the Sonos line in order to get the sound I want.  I either have an excellent home theater system with the Arc, Sub (or even two Subs), and Ones (or Fives) or I have a great music system with the Fives and Sub (or two Subs).  The Amp and Port are no goes as I do not fine them that great when it comes to their DAC (sound is too bright at higher volumes) when it goes to my Dynaudio tower speakers.  Yes the Amp and Port are good in their specific uses but not in a music room (my opinion only).

My perfect world would be a Sonos Center (center channel) that would support the entire home theater system while allowing someone to not use it or the surrounds when they just want to listen to music.

Perfect set up:

Sonos Fives for left and right front channels.

Sonos Center (no soundbar) for the center channel.  The Sonos Center would have to match the left and right front channels for sure so really you could just take a Sonos Five and program it to act like the center channel.

Sonos One SL’s or Sonos Fives for the rear surround sound channels.

Sonos Sub(s)

NOTE:  When listening to music only the Subs and front left and right Fives are in operation.

Frustration: Even if I go with a soundbar and then buy a set of Fives for the music I still can’t use the Sub that is in the room unless I ungroup it and then group it with the Fives or go with two Subs both of which are grouped to a different “room” while being in the same room (this is just stupid).

That’s my rant for the night.  






3 replies

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There are many - me included - that have asked for this. The “Centre” as you call it should be the control hub for the system.  

Since there are complaints about the volume of the dialogue channel on Arc and Beam being too low, and because the quality of the centre channel is so important in a HT system, we might see it one day...

Yep, others have had similar ideas for a more traditional, separate distinct channel, HT setup. Sometimes referred to as ‘super connect’.  The super connect not necessarily having a center channel built in, but allowing you to pick on Sonos One, or Five, for the center channel.  Or some new speaker to fill that roll.  

The concerns I would have for such a setup are both technical and market.  Technical, in that we are asking for more wireless connections than current HT setups.   An Arc, plus surrounds, plus subs has the Arc keeping 4 other devices in sync at most (with the 2 subs playing the same channel).  What you’re suggesting now has a center channel connecting to 6 other devices (2 front, 2 rear, 2 subs).  That’s not even considering any atmos channels or additional surround channels many people would be looking for, just a straight 5.2 setup.

The other has to do with market size.   I think it’s safe to say that soundbars outsell more traditional separate systems these days.  Although not as good, they are easier to setup, and tend to fit better in existing rooms.  The other side to this is that, for those that want more robust setups, a big portion of them can and will go with a wired setup, which is flooded with competitors.  So it just doesn’t seem like the best market for Sonos to be looking at right now.

But that’s just speculation.  I would love to be wrong and see Sonos come out with new products for this.  

My thoughts entirely Danny (only better expressed than I would have managed). It would be good to see, but it would be a big surprise to me, as I doubt its commercial viability.

The mention of the word "audiophile" in the original post makes me think "not Sonos' target market".