Sonos Beam with Sub or Play:1?

Looking to jump into Sonos. Confused as to whether to just get the Beam, Beam + Sub, or Beam + two Play:1s? I can’t justify all of it at once and want to build the system over time. But if I could wring out a little more $$ what approach would you recommend? Use case is mostly TV:music:games about 50:30:20 in a small-ish family room/study 14x10. Thanks!

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From listening to the Beam in a store, I was impressed with the bass, so in that way, the sub is maybe a little less important. Then again, from a price stand point, you save $100 by getting the beam+sub while only $50 getting beam+play 1s. As well, I think you'll find it easier to justify adding play:1s later, while the beam not so much since it's a higher cost. I'd also think sub will add more for music then the surrounds would.

I don't think there's a bad decision here. If you know you're going to want the full system eventually then probably the beam first. Or just flip a coin.
Thanks, Danny. I hear you re just going for the beam or beam + sub. It would be easier to get the play:1s later (and the stands). Also wonder if there’s the possibility of Atmos speakers by Sonos later to supplement 🙂 (assuming.the Beam is the beach head/Trojan Horse etc. in which case waiting may make sense)
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IMO, I'd go for the Beam and the Play:1s. Since TV and games is 70% of the use, having surround sound makes a much bigger difference than having extra bass. Again, that's just my opinion. And like melvimbe said, the Beam is not exactly lacking bass from what I hear. I currently have a Playbase and 2 Play:1s, so I can't comment about the Beam myself. But I started with just the Playbase for a few weeks, and when I added the Play:1s, total game changer!! Pardon the pun! LOL
Thanks Tom. I need to hear the Beam to know for sure about the bass. The fact that’s the set up is in a small room does make me lean towards getting the play:1s. More next week once I have a chance to check it out in person.


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