SONOS Beam TV connection issues

  • 3 September 2023
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My Sonos Beam was working perfectly with my Samsung tv until the other day and now it will still play music through the app. But doesn’t work with the TV. Have re set TV and the beam too. Doesn’t work. Please HELP!!


Best answer by Corry P 8 September 2023, 13:17

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6 replies

Samsung apparently released an update on Friday that broke Dolby Digital Plus. Until they release a fix, set your TV to max out at Dolby Digital. 

That didn’t work. Any ideas anyone else?

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Hi @Stuartcav 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

There are reports of other Samsung owners needing to use the PCM output format rather than Dolby Digital to get sound.

I hope this helps.

Sorry I am a NOOB. what does that mean?!

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Hi @Stuartcav 

Sorry. It’s the same TV setting that Bruce advised you to change. It’s generally called something like Audio Output Format or Digital Output Format. PCM should be one of the options for that setting.

I’m unfamiliar with your TV, however - if you struggle, I recommend you contact Samsung Support in Australia for further assistance.

I hope this helps.

Thanks. But it doesn’t help.