Sonos Beam + Sonos Connect volume control issues

Hi guys,
Would appreciate advice on how best to setup. I have a new Samsung TV wherein Sonos Beam is connected via HDMI-ARC and built-in room speakers that are plugged to Sonos-Connect.

Issue: Built-in room speakers Sonos Connect is set as Fixed for Line-Out level. When I play Pandora via Sonos Beam Alexa app, it plays it too loud on room speakers. Then when I turn off Alexa streaming and watch TV with Sonos Beam, the sound coming from the builin room speakers (via Sonos Connect) is so weak that I have to manually increase the volume on the built-in room speaker control pad.

Also, why can't Sonos Beam lower the volume on Sonos Connect room speakers simultaneously when you say "Alexa" so that Alexa can listen properly on the voice command?

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Hi there, rdboston. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. What feeds the built-in room speakers? Do you have an amplifier or receiver that the Connect is connected to? The more information we have about your Connect and how it is wired, the better we can assist.


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