Sonos Beam performance handling Dolby 2.0

  • 28 September 2018
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I am considering buying a sonos beam and appreciate some opinions.

I intend to link the beam with a new 4k blu ray player (possibly LGUBK90 supporting dolby vision and dolby atmos) as well as Sky q.

I looked on the back of a random 4K blu ray (Avengers infinity war), the audio format on the disc is reported as Dolby 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos / Dolby Digital 7.1 / Dolby 2.0.

From what I have read the player and tv will send the soundbar the best format it supports/signals so I believe in this case the sound will be sent as Dolby 2.0.

What experience do other people have of playing movies using the beam with Dolby 2.0?
Does anyone have this movie and how does it sound?

I'm worried if all the new movie releases ship with Dolby atmos or DTS.X and a provide a Basic Dolby 2.0 mix I may be disappointed with the sound while watching movies.

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1 reply

For that specific disc (Avengers 4k) I can confirm that the Beam will play it optimally. My setup is actually a Beam+Sub+ play:1s for 5.1 and the audio was downgraded to Dobly Digital 5.1. I like the way it sounds with that setup, for a smaller room. For a larger room, I definitely like the playbar (also DD 5.1) for the same movie.

When you purchase your player, make sure it can be convert DTS to Dolby Digital. I'm using xboxes to do this. You'd also want to make sure your TV can pass through the audio to the Beam. I'm using Samsung TVs for this.

As far as whether the Beam sounds good enough by itself (2.0), the answer is going to depend on the room you put it in and your own personal taste and expectations. If you purchase directly from Sonos, you get a pretty good return policy. You can try it out to see if it meets your expectations.