Sonos Beam not functioning with Vizio TV

I was hoping someone has had a similar issue that I’m currently experiencing with the Sonos Beam and found some sort of solution.

This has driven me crazy to the point that I’m ready to get rid of this sound bar. I have a Vizio P75 F-1 TV which I connected my Sonos Beam to using the HDMI ARC port. At first, the Sonos Beam worked great. My TV remote controlled the volume (though it was always delayed) and was always connected as soon as the TV was turned on. Then about 3 months later, the Beam stopped automatically connecting and I would have to manually go into my TV settings and connect the Beam. This was annoying but at least it still worked. Fast forward to about 6 months ago, my Beam is now completely useless. When watching TV, no sound comes out. When I go to the CEC settings on my TV, it says the Beam is connected, but no sound. 

Some of the solutions I’ve tried:

  • Power cycling both the TV and Beam
  • Adjusting the Beam settings on the Sonos app (IR settings, TV set-up, etc)
  • Replacing the HDMI cable
  • Contacting both Sonos and Vizio support

Both support teams have no solutions to the problem and quite frankly blame each other. Sonos says it’s the TV and Vizio says the Beam is faulty. I’ve read some other posts on here but most issues revolve around remote issues with Vizio TVs. 

I do think the TV might be the culprit because if I play music on the Beam, sound does come out so it’s not like the speakers are shot. There is a major issue with the Beam and TV communication. It used to work now it doesn’t at all. I’m reaching out to see if anybody has any solutions before I completely give up on this product. 


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@dpmarinez Thank you for bringing your concerns to us here and welcome to the Sonos Community. We can see that you have an open email and phone case with our agents. I would recommend that you call back in and follow up with our phone agents after testing with Songle adapter that came with your Beam.

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I would try switching to an optical connection from the TV to the Beam, to avoid CEC issues which are not uncommon with some TVs. Optical is simple and reliable.