sonos Beam mutes when turned off

  • 23 March 2023
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Hi All, I’ve seen several threads re the mute issue with the Beam, but understood that updates would resolve it. We have just bought the new Beam and every time we turn off the TV with the remote, it mutes the bar. If I use the Beam through the Snons App, it is muted to start (from turning off the TV) but when I stop the music, it stays at that volume. It’s not too much of an inconvenience, now that I know what is happening, but I’d like to know why it is defaulting to mute every time.


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4 replies

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Because you are connected via HDMI ARC and your TV is sending a mute signal, Sony sets are notorious for doing this.


If you post more details about the TV someone may have a solution.

It is a Toshiba, not Sony and I have checked all of the settings. The model no is 65QA5D63DB. It’s a brand new TV and Beam.

Btw, we have not activated Alexa on the Beam, as we don’t need another Alexa device. We only use the TV remote for the TV and the Sonos app if we listen to music.

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Hi @JosDec 

This will indeed be because the TV is sending your Beam a signal to mute itself - presumably to prevent any possible power-on popping noises.

I recommend you contact Toshiba regarding this issue.

I hope this helps.