Sonos Beam Lip Sync with Samsung and Apple TV 4K

  • 21 August 2018
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I have the Sonos Beam and it's great for music/AirPlay but watching TV is incredibly frustrating. I'm using ARC HDMI through a Samsung MU6300 with an Apple TV 4K. The video is ahead of the audio. I've tried setting the Samsung audio delay to 0 ins settings which helps a little. The audio delay in the Sonos app is useless as it needs to go the other way. I've tried setting the AppleTV to stereo and every other audio related setting I can find and nothing works. There is a slight delay between the video and the audio no matter what, which is extremely grating. How can I fix this? Is there some kind of magic combination of settings that will make this work? This is an expensive set of components for this not to work correctly.

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4 replies

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Hi there, mxcolin. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. Just to verify, the AppleTV is fed to the Samsung TV to which the Beam is connected via HDMI ARC. Is there anything else plugged into the HDMI of the TV? The more we know about your home theater setup, the more help I can be. Does this only happen with content from the AppleTV?
That's correct and there is nothing else at all connected to the TV. I use the Apple TV for everything.
I am currently having the exact same issue - Was there a solution?
The thing that appears to be the fix is to extract the audio from the HDMI stream before it reaches the TV set, as the TV set appears to be the device that is adding the delay. Most people have chosen to use a HDMI switch, with an optical output to do this, although I think at this point, if you're using any of the TV's "smart" apps, you can also get an HDMI-ARC functioning version, and have the TV also be a source of audio.