Sonos Beam Gen 2 have side firing speakers

I would like to purchase a Sonos Beam and would appreciate your response. My room has an elongated shape, the TV and bed are opposite each other on the long sides and at the same time not in the center of the room. That is, there is a little less than three meters between them. From the soundbar to one wall it will be less than a meter, and to the other it will be a little more than three meters. Since Beam has side firing speakers, wouldn't it turn out that the sound goes not to the side wall, but to the opposite one? Do you think it’s even possible to buy a soundbar with side firing speakers given this room configuration?

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The Beam should be fine in your room. The surround effect on the side closest to the wall will just be more noticeable than the side furthest from the wall.

And if you Trueplay the room, it should attempt to compensate for room shape and placement. 

I thought that the sound should definitely reflect off the side wall and reach the right place where the viewer is located.

Thank you very much!