Sonos Beam Gen 2 + 4k UHD + HDMI Arc

  • 12 July 2022
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Hello all,


First post here so apologies if anything is off, let me know if so. Anyway, I’m looking at upgrading my current Beam Gen 1 to a Gen 2 to get Atmos. Most of the content I watch is from 4k UHD disks using the PS5 as a player. Now, my TV only has a HDMI Arc connection and not the e-ARC. I was originally led to believe I couldn’t therefore get Atmos but have now read I’ll simply get Dolby Digital Plus (which my TV can passthrough) rather than True HD.

However, I have since been told that because 4k UHD disks use a True HD track then it won’t be possible to get Atmos from the Beam Gen 2 without getting a HD Fury Arcana to fix the no e-ARC issue. My assumption had been teh Trud HD track on the disc would simply revert to a Dolby Digital Plus track but I’m now being told that isn’t the case.

Can anyone confirm this for me, or tell me the opposite? Basically, has anyone got experience playing 4k UHD disks with the Beam Gen 2 and a HDMI Arc connection and let me know what happened? I don’t want to buy the Gen 2 and then spend another £200 on a Fury Arcana if I don’t need to as I’m not bothered about getting TrueHD.

Any help or comments would be much appreciated!


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Correct you won't get atmos without the arcana based on what you said, as from my understanding atmos lives on the true HD layer.


You can try asking you tuber Peter Pee on one of his videos that he uploads as this is well amd truly his area.... I can vouch for the HDFury Arcana as a good piece of kit. I have a set up of a 4K hdmi switch with 3 devices going in (4k player, Apple 4k tv and a mighty fetch box) and out into the fury arcana then from arcana to TV and Sonos Arc. Works great and I get ATMOS from all 3 devices.


Not an exact answer but hopefully points you in the right direction.