Sonos Beam + Apple TV + Samsung QLED (Q6D) loses volume control

  • 8 May 2020
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Hello Sonos world, 


When it’s working, it’s perfect. Unfortunately, and unpredictably, my Sonos Beam volume stops being controlled by the Apple TV remote. I am still able to control volume from my Sonos app, but the volume controls on the Apple TV remote stop controlling volume. My setup is as follows: 

  • Samsung QLED display 
  • Sonos Beam connected via HDMI-ARC port
  • Apple TV connected to Samsung TV via HDMI

Sometimes I’ll play music via the beam from my Macbook Pro (via the Sonos App), as you might expect. This is usually the culprit for the problem, but I can figure out a way to revert back to the correct set up (where the Apple TV controls the volume of the TV via the Sonos). 


Has anyone experienced this? I’m not even sure which machine to restart or which hardware is causing the problem. Likely the Sonos, but is there something I can do to mitigate this? 


Thanks Sonos hive! 

1 reply

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@mkbknyc Sorry for the slow reply and welcome to the Sonos Community. Is this sporadically happening with your Apple TV remote controlling the Beam volume? Are you having to use these steps to get your Apple TV remote to work again to control the Beam? I would ask that you confirm that lighting in the room is not affecting the Beam sensor or that there are no obstruction(s) near the Beam or how it may be positioned on a table top or wall mount setup.

When it comes to re-booting you would want to re-boot the TV, the Beam and your Apple TV box from an outlet for about 15 seconds. If the issue is ongoing I would ask that you setup an infrared (IR) remote to control the Beam and confirm if the issue continues to happen with an alternate remote. If the issue continues then follow up here with the testing results along with an updated diagnostic report number.