Sonos Beam and Xiaomi SMART laser projector

  • 29 October 2019
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My smart Xiaomi laser projector has got HDMI ARC port (which I used so far for the Sonos Beam).

As per the pojector settings I can choose AUDIO output from: HDMI ARC and PCM digital output. 

Which is the best option to cope with Sonos Beam?


Will the sound from Netflix and Amazon Prime be processed in Surround 5.1? (My Sonos system is Beam+Sub+2 One SL)






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2 replies

Those are odd choices, as they aren’t both the same kind of thing. I’d go with HDMI-ARC, and then play something and look in About My System in the controller to confirm that the Beam is receiving a Dolby Digital signal.

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To add to @Airgetlam response...the key to understanding the choice is actually in your verbiage. 

PCM is referring to a digital-out connection which is most likely optical or coaxial. In most cases the PCM signal will be down graded to stereo. 

HDMI-ARC as @Airgetlam suggested is the best choice (in-fact it’s the only choice). I haven’t looked at your Xiaomi projector but I must assume it has HDMI inputs for your AV source(s). If as @Airgetlam  said you can see Dolby Digital 5.1as the audio to the Beam over HDMI-ARC then your sources are sending the DD5.1 audio with no manipulation by the Xiaomi. Good!