sonos beam and roku


I have a non smart tv, so I use Roku device to hear music (Spotify) and streaming (Netflix). I would like to know if sonos beam can reproduce Roku audio wireless and if voice controls will be available. 


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If you use an HDMI-ARC or optical audio connection between the TV and BEAM, the TV can send audio to BEAM. Note that SONOS offers native Spotify support and you can use the SONOS controller, the Spotify App, and the SONOS Alexa skill to control Spotify. There is an Alexa skill for ROKU, but I have never used it.

I guess that this is a partial ‘yes’ answer to your question. The TV does not need to be involved with Spotify, but ROKU’s audio must pass through the TV which must be connected to BEAM with HDMI-ARC or optical.

Which model TV are you using?

Thanks buzz, 

Im using a Sony KD-55X720E

I have no direct experience with this TV.

You should be able to use the HDMI-ARC port on the TV. You may need to enable BRAVIA Sync on the TV.