Sonos Beam and PC connection via HDMI not working

  • 22 January 2022
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So am trying to simplify my current setup which works with less stuff.  My PC is connected to the Beam via an old SoundBlaster X-FI USB and it’s SPDIF port.  Would love to get rid of said SB device so I tried two HDMI dummy plugs (the first is this one and the second is this one and I suspect it’s the same chip in both) as they list that audio will be passed through in 2.1 - so add a middleman to fool the PC graphics card (NVidia 1650) that there is a monitor connected in the HDMI port while the monitor is in the displayport connection for maximum refresh rates.

Alas, with these 2 plugs, no sound whatsoever is coming to my Sonos Beam. So before I RMA the 2nd one as I RMA’d the 1st one, am I missing a setting or something to look out for?  Changed default devices, rebooted, nothing come out.

If this is not working and will never work, anyone has a suggestion?  I could get a PCIe soundcard I guess, and look at displayport splitter (which does not meet the goal of removing external devices).


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4 replies

What device is taking the HDMI signal, and creating the HDMI ARC signal that the Beam is looking for? Usually, that electronics is part of the TV set, and not built in to most monitors. 

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I naively thought that my graphics card would support what i want to do and did not take ARC into consideration - so that solves it as I doubt the Nvidia 1650 will do that, and ods are the i7-8x00 I have will do that as well.

So am keeping the USB SoundBlaster, problem solved.  Thanks for the help and pointing me that way on ARC!

Not that I’ve ever looked, but as far as I’m aware, there are no sound cards that create an ARC signal. I’d be using the SPDIf to ARC adapter that was shipped with the Beam. Use optical from the sound card to the adapter, the adapter plugged in to the Beam, and you’ll get up to Dolby Digital out of it. 

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Thanks / mine has no ARC but no idea for others, highly unlikely.  I’ll just keep my SB card - simpler and cheaper :sunglasses::yum: