Sonos Beam and Panasonic TV Lip Sync issues

  • 2 December 2018
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Hi All

I treated myself to the Beam during the Black Friday sale and have a couple of issues with lip sync on my Panasonic 65DX902B TV. The Beam is connected to the TV via the HDMI ARC connection.

Stereo syncs fine from all sources, both the integrated TV apps and items connected to the TV via hdmi. My lip sync problems start when viewing sources outputting bitstream or 5.1DD. When viewing the TVs integrated Amazon and Netflix apps in 5.1DD the lip sync is ok. However, when I view the same material on the Apple TV in 5.1DD I get a lip sync mismatch. The same applies to the Xbox and PS4. I have tried to change the HDMI ARC to the Optical Output but I have the same issue.

It's clearly a time delay issue between the TV processing the video material from the attached sources and at the same time passing the corresponding audio to the Beam. I'm just wondering why I don't have the same issue when using the integrated apps ?

It's not anything for Sonos to fix, but I am wondering if anyone else with a Panasonic TV is experiencing the same sync issues and if they have managed to sort it out somehow (especially for Apple TV, Xbox OneX, or PS4 Pro) ? I would like to add a pair of play ones as rear speakers but I don't see the point if my audio is going to be out.



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