Sonos BEam 2.0 always, not getting 5.1

  • 7 September 2020
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Hi All, 

I have an old plasma LG tv with someting called SIMPLINK that is its like HDMI Arc but when setting up the TV it doesn’t work with HDMI. So I have to use optical cable, is this why I am only getting 2.0 in About my System settings in the app? 

I dont think the voices come from the middle speaker in any setup so I am not getting the best out of the product. 

I am using an android box to watch Netflix and YouTube but I can’t get 5.1 sound (virtual), how do I improve the set up? 

3 replies

If you’re using optical, there is nothing telling the TV and connected devices that they need to send a 5.1 signal. You need to go in to the audio settings for the TV, and all devices connected to the TV and set them tipo Dolby Digital only.

Note that some shows are not broadcast in Dolby Digital, for those shows, you will only get stereo. There is no virtual 5.1.

My tv only has PCM or AUTO

Funny enough, my new Android box also has only PCM or AUTO. Which one is it? Still get 2.0 in Spiderman Movie from Netflix. 


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Some older LG TVs will refuse to pass 5.1 over optical, without going into the hidden service menu to enable it. PCM can only handle 2.0, so AUTO is the only option for 5.1, if your TV can do that.

SIMPLINK should work with the Beam, but given the assumed age of this TV it might not. what happens when you try? An error, or silence, or 2.0?

You’ll need to tell your Android box to emit 5.1 as well of course (I assume that is connected via HDMI to the TV).