Sonos Arc + Two Sonos One SL

  • 24 January 2022
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I am using the Sonos SL for rear’s with my Sonos Arc, but I don’t get a lot of 

sound out of  the two SL. Can this be improved.

I am using the system for tv and sometimes for music..


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4 replies

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Be sure Music Playback is set to Full under the Surround Audio settings. You can also adjust the TV Level and Music Level higher for your surround speakers.

FYI… with 5.1 audio, you won’t always hear audio from the surround speakers especially during quiet scenes. The audio from the surrounds will usually be the musical score, action that is behind you, or ambient sounds. Try to test the surrounds playing an action film in 5.1.

If you are watching a stereo source, the Arc will perform an audio up-mix of the stereo signal to create a simulated surround sound. This means you’ll still hear most audio out of the Arc, but the surround speakers will play what is determined to be ambient audio.

If you are watching OTA TV then this rarely comes in a surround format, so there is little to play in the surrounds.  You need a surround sound source.

For music, make sure you have chosen FULL mode for the surrounds rather than AMBIENT.

There are also sliders in the Arc settings to increase surround volume relative to the soundbar.


Ok thank you for both reply’s. It’s very much appreciated.

If your source is a cable box, make sure the audio is set to Bitstream or Dolby, any choice except Stereo/PCM.