Sonos ARC surround best back speakers.

  • 18 December 2020
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Hi Eveyone

reading up I can see that using a AMP for back speakers disables the sub output!

So I would need a Sonos SUB!


But if I use an AMP for my existing B&W back speakers would I still be able to use Trueplay and calibrate them to the ARC and SUB?


Or would two ONE SL be better?

I already have a old 5.1 wired surround setup in my living room!

and for music I would like to keep my bigger B&W 800 series front speakers but not sure that an extra AMP have the power to drive them… (I might miss my Center speaker? HTM1 ) Don’t know the quality of the ARC as Center?

The TV should be eARC compatible OLED77C9PLA

Also my Shield Pro should be able to transcode DTS?

But I have to make a decision to either go the SONOS way (User friendly and easy to use - no more HDMI inputs or buy a new surround receiver and some ceiling speakers also my TV is on a special mount where I pull the TV 65cm from the wall creating the perfect distance to the sitting position - So the ARC need to be mounted underneath the TV - seen some fittings available to do this..

looking forward to getting some feedback

ohh the room is not so big 4,6 x 4,6m and dedicated to music/TV but the ceiling is like an “envelope ceiling” or in English it’s have pointy center so that might effect the ARC?

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Hi @Caspersen.

Welcome to the Sonos community and thanks for reaching out to us. Allow me to share with you some information to help you out.

Allow me to share with you the guide about Trueplay-compatible devices and Sonos products. There is a section on the link provided that discusses that the Sonos Amp and Connect:Amp only support Trueplay when using Sonos In-Wall or In-Ceiling Architectural speakers by Sonance, or when being used to power any third-party surround speakers in a home theater setup. This means that when you bond your Sonos Amp to your Sonos Arc and sub as surrounds, The Sonos Amp with connected B&W back speakers would be compatible with trueplay since it is bonded as surrounds to the Sonos Arc as discussed on the guide. Current features of Sonos still do not include DTS codec unless the signal is converted to either Dolby Digital, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital +, or 5.1 surrounds. We can also try to reach out to other members of the community for their feedback and recommendations. Their first-hand experience with their set up may have some key points necessary for you to consider.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. I'll be more than happy to help you out.