Sonos Arc speech enhancement doesn't work.

  • 11 September 2020
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Hi community,

I've had the Arc pretty much from day one, wall mounted and hooked to a LG B6 65" OLED and an Apple TV 4k. I used to be able to hear a very notable difference when toggling Speech Enhancement On or Off. Now there's literally no difference.

I tried reseting the Arc with no success. Yes, I made sure content is 5.1.

What else can I try?


5 replies

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I don’t really notice a difference either.

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Yeah I agree with this also. Speech enhancement doesn't seem to be no where as effective as it used to be, thats why im hoping Sonos release an update where you can change the centre channel equaliser manually, much requested feature.

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I suspect the problem is with the TV, not Sonos Arc. When you are playing the content, check on the Sonos app in the “about my system” what format Arc is receiving. Is it “Dolby Digital 5.1” or is it something else (like stereo)?

Your LG TV tells ATV 4K it can accept an LPCM signal, so that is what it sends out. However Sonos Arc cannot yet accept LPCM. Speech enhancement only works on Dolby signals.

One remedy is to have ATV 4K output Dolby Digital 5.1. 


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Well, I stand corrected: I tried speech enhancement tonight and I agree that it isn’t working. I apologize to the original poster, and I thank them for pointing out the problem. I hope Sonos fixes this soon! 

Thanks for all your replies. The funny thing is that I'm quite sure I was able to hear a difference when I first got the ARC, but not anymore. Will try what @oriboaz suggested regarding changing the ATV output to force DD 5.1.