Sonos Arc sounds a little quiet for TV

  • 20 February 2021
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Hi All 

Recently upgraded from Sonos Beam to Arc and have noticed when using Arc for TV (particularly SKY Q) that I am having to turn my volume slider up significantly more than I did with the Beam to achieve similar sound levels.  Having to go north of 50% on the volume control to achieve satisfactory volume levels.

Overall I'm delighted with the Arc but wondering if this is normal for the Arc ?





1 reply

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Hi @Laney76, welcome to the community.


It could be that your TV source device (i.e. Sky Q) has its own volume level that can be adjusted independently of Sonos.

Check in the settings to see if there is a “fixed” volume setting. This will set the device to a fixed level of volume meaning you’d only need to control the volume of your Sonos Arc.


Also check in the Sonos app if a Volume Limit has been set. Go to Settings → System → Arc → Volume Limit and check if it’s set to anything other than 100% or Off. If so, drag the slider up to your desired level and test with your TV.


Let us know how you get on.