Sonos ARC Sound Drops Using Apple TV 4K with Samsung TV QN85

  • 14 January 2022
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I recently purchased a Samsung 75" Class - QN85 Series - 4K UHD Neo QLED LCD TV and a Sonos ARC SL at Costco, set everything up as indicated. Sounded terrific. Really excited and pleased. When I switched the input source to the Apple TV 4K (the latest version of the Apple TV), everything was fine and audible, no issues. I could hear the clicking, the apps opening and such. When I went to watch a preview or trailer on Netflix, Apple TV, or other content providers through the Apple TV, still good, but when I went to play the actual content, such as a movie or an episode from a series, the sound cuts out and only works after I either unplug/plug the power cable from the Sonos ARC or jog the input or the play/pause, app in/out until the audio works. This has been an issue since I hooked up the system less than two months ago. Please provide guidance on a fix. I’m really frustrated and disappointed.

1 reply

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On the TV, make sure HDMI eARC is set to Auto and Digital Output Audio is set to Passthrough. If this still doesn’t work, you may have to set the Change Format audio setting on the Apple TV to ON and set the Audio Format to Dolby Digital. This option isn’t ideal because you will lose Dolby Atmos audio, but it should resolve your issue.