sonos arc on middle shelf?

  • 1 December 2020
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Hi All,

I have just ordered a Sony Bravia Oled TV, the sonos arc and a 3 tier TV stand.

The Sony Bravia TV sits quite low so the arc cannot be placed in front of it.

My idea was therefore to put it on the middle shelf, as near to the end as I can. 

However, will the upward firing speakers then simply just hit the shelf where the TV sits, therefore not giving Dolby Atmos OR are they at a slight angle so I will be ok?



2 replies

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Hi Gary

you can place a soundbar anywhere, as long as you are aware of any potential reduction in audio soundstage and accept that.


So in that regard, placing the Arc on the middle shelf is fine as long you are aware of what can happen.


  1. You might not hear Atmos sounds from part or all of the height channel audio waves bouncing off the top glass shelf - the Atmos speakers in the arc in particular are in quite a narrow angle so they are more prone to this issue
  2. You might not experience a very wide soundstage from the left and right sound partially bouncing off the support beams on the middle shelf 
  3. As a general rule of thumb, speakers should be as close as possible to the same level as your ears when you are in your seated position and while that may not be possible for everyone it's worth noting that the larger the distance between the soundbar and your ears gets the lower the quality of sound you will hear - I've seen people place a soundbar on the floor and even against the ceiling, both are a bad idea but people can do as they wishing if it pleases them. 
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So really I need to buy something more like this?