Sonos Arc LPCM Timing and Return Policy

  • 29 July 2020
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I know Sonos has promised LPCM compatibility and I know Sonos doesn’t typically give timelines. But the end of the 60 day return policy is coming up and I likely only want to keep my Arc if this is going to ultimately be fixed. I don’t want a situation where magically it turns out the tech is too hard / the fix to integrate LPCM doesn’t work and then I’m stuck with an expensive soundbar I might not have wanted. Is Sonos willing to either (a) extend the return period for ppl with this issue until after the fix is issued and/or (b) provide guidance around timing so that we can get comfortable we’ll be able to test this within the 60 days? What are other people planning on doing around this? Thanks…



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3 replies


It seems unlikely that Sonos would extend the return period. Is there a precedent for this?


Maybe return it and re-buy once the issues are ironed out?  Who needs the stress?

Never ever buy something for promises made for something in the future… I’ve been in the same spot before (not with Sonos) and have gotten burned.  I’m not saying Sonos won’t deliver, but who knows -- maybe there is a problem with your TV, or maybe it doesn’t work with one specific device that matters to you, or maybe it just gets delayed further with COVID.  If you aren’t happy with what it does now, return it.

I would return it if I was you.   I bought 2 Sonos Arc’s and I can still return 1 which I am doing tomorrow.  This whole LPCM stuff has taught me a valuable lesson and for the first time now I plan to reduce my Sonos products use to just music only and to use a home theatre solution that provides a 2nd hdmi in so that I will get Dolby atmos.  I also think its great that a Taiwanese company is making a 3rd party product available to help many of the issues in the thread, but my main question is why is that needed?  Why didn’t Sonos think this through? I am not buying a 3rd party product to make my Sonos work correctly.

I say all this with reluctance because I have Sonos through out my home, a huge investment, and have been a big fan since I started using them in 2015. I am still a big fan. One of the reasons I chose Sonos was that it  first provided an easy solution for whole home Audio without wiring and second it eliminated what I call island solutions, those that don’t work with anything else.

This is strictly my opinion and I am not bashing Sonos but I bought a brand new 2020 lg tv and the Sonos arc for Dolby atmos. I upgraded from a Playbar and a Beam.  You can read the other threads to see those results.  I am severely disappointed and given the fact like so many people have stated it is really difficult to get a hold of customer service, to get a reply to an email etc.  This is really concerning especially given the fact that they have laid off many people.  I have seen other threads saying they wiped out the support team and long time community manager Ryan, an employee of 9 years.  I realize businesses have to be agile but from my customer point of view, given the Sonos arc troubling start and ongoing issues, lack of real ability to reach anybody’s at Sonos support has me worried.  

I am suddenly thinking ...I hope Google doesn’t buy them or some other company buys them and my investment is up the creek.  I am an Apple user and not a google user.  No bashing there..   I don’t want to be a google user.  My household is geared toward Apple ecosystem. I am simply stating that my entire investment with NEST was ruined when they were acquired.  So this is just my thoughts running wild ..that oh boy I don’t want to go through this again….so I have decided to return the 2nd Arc as I said and to cease any other Sonos purchase plans for now.    I am still going to use my existing Sonos gear through out my home, its just I am on hold for any further purchase plans with them.   I will keep the 1st arc as I am outside of return.  But for my other TV I going to find a different soundbar with multiple hdmi inputs that supports Dolby Atmos.  To be fair, it is the same with LG.  They released 2020 models that don’t do Dolby Atmos with Apple TV 4K and/or Sonos Arc.  Apple says contact LG.  LG says contact Sonos.  Sonos says contact Apple and LG.  Here is a customer oriented idea….how about Sonos contact them and work out their product issues. That said, my Apple TV 4K if plugged into internal speaker setup for LG 2020 doesn’t give Dolby Atmos sound either...because they changed the fw. It’s all in the forums.  That same Apple TV 4K works with atmos in a 2017 LG Oled and the Sonos Arc...go figure.

My long point being I am not going to be the financial beta tester from products that companies using marketing claims can play Dolby Atmos when they don’t.  Others can, their choice.  I have just decided to get off that bandwagon. I’m sorry, please forgive my long post.