Sonos Arc home cinema system- sound adjustment

  • 20 November 2021
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I have a new Sonos Arc ,sub and rear speakers. Which I am very pleased with it I have a few of issues that i would like some help with . 

  1. How do I set the volume levels to be different for TV/ films and just music. The volume I need for TV is much higher than for music ( radio- streaming) so if I play music in the morning it comes on very very loud and its annoying . Can I set presets so music starts at one level and TV at another.
  2. In some films the dialogue is impossible to follow ( not all films) as the background sound are over powering. I read there is a dialogue enhancer but i cant find one or any way to cut back the background sounds. 
  3. In some programmes there speech is no quite in sync -especially on channel 4 programmes. I have set the dialogue delay to 0 . Its not much of a delay and only really noticeable when its close ups on people.

Any ideas what I can do to solve thee issues?





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2 replies

Here’s a couple of answers to your questions - 

Speech enhancement:

Night Sound:

To stop the music being loud in the mornings set a ‘silent track’ alarm overnight/early-morning with the audio set to your chosen volume level, then when you next play to the Arc it will start at the volume set.

The Arc will only play its audio as soon as the TV can send it - if there’s a delay then it’s likely to be the sending device/TV, or cables, so check those things. One of the most popular things to do here, is to ensure the TV digital sound out is set to ‘pass-through’ on the TV, rather than ‘Auto’. Another is to power off all devices (not standby) for 3 minutes to drain all of power and setup the HDMI ‘handshake’ again between devices.

If I remember I now start using by asking alexa to set volume to 1or 2 before anything else now . Does work, a little annoying and I have to remember