Sonos Arc - Dolby Atmos

  • 16 December 2020
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Hi - I just got the Sonos Arc and have been using my TCL 65 R625 and its HDMI Arc (there is no eARC) to link into my new Sonos speaker. When playing select content from the embedded Roku OS in the TV on Vudu, Netflix, and Disney+, the Sonos Arc app will display the Dolby Atmos logo and under system settings it will say “Audio In: Dolby Atmos.” My question is does that mean the speaker is for sure getting the transmitted Dolby Atmos signal from the TV? The reason I ask is that I do not hear the upward facing speakers firing during these movies/shows so I just want to make sure that I am actually getting the experience prescribed. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.   

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1 reply

That is a good sign you see it in the app.

1: How far are you from the Arc?  2: How tall are your ceilings?  3:Have you tried tilting the bar down by propping up the rear of the bar? (using the included brown plastic wedges that easily get tossed during unboxing). 

The Atmos field is very very narrow with the Arc.  If you are sitting too far away (9ft) or you have tall ceilings(10ft) the Atmos effect with be faint or even impossible to hear.  Regardless  the Atmos effects are not meant to be overheard/ positioned during movies. It blends in well (once properly Truplayed) and really acts to increase the height of the Arcs wide sound stage.  The Arc should just sound “full  or, high” in Atmos tracks.