Sonos arc, could I mount it near the ceiling?

  • 11 November 2023
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We recently added a Samsung Frame TV. It sits on a large to the ceiling cabinet in a central part of the room. The TV was selected partly because it sits so flat against the dark cabinet and is hardly noticed when not in use.

Mounting the arc below the TV would be awkward. It could be bumped into at hip height. It just would not look good. Would require possible any extra hole drilled in the expensive cabinetry. So maybe we can not have one.

But on idea came up. Could an Arc be positioned near the ceiling, as in right at the ceiling?

If so should it be angled down?

Should it be mounted upside down?

There is a second reason to use an arc beyond sound. We have 2 Sonos 1’s for the rear. Right now I have to use an Apple TV connected to the frame TV to talk to the Sonos 1’s. So we are using an Apple TV connected to a brand new smart TV which seems like an absurd extra layer of complexity. The Arc would remove that problem. If there is another way to connect the frame TV to the Sonos 1’s or any other non sound bar Sonos without the Apple TV, please let me know.


8 replies

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You could but it has disadvantages 


Surround sound speakers are meant to be placed at ear level, lower or higher than ear level is not optimal - one major thing is you will never Atmos overhead and ffecta with that placement but that's your choice 


it is not ideal. As mentioned high is my only option. The 2nd reason to use a Sonos sound bar product is to allow the Samsung to communicate to the Sonos one speakers without the use of a Apple TV.

I should mention the ceiling is low. There is 730mm (29”) from the top of the TV to the ceiling and the TV is not mounted particularly high. the mid point of the TV is about 1250mm (49”)

from the floor

Given your advice about the Atmos effects etc might it be wiser to use a Beam in that position to give me the communication to my other Sonos, it would be cheaper as some of the Arc’s abilities would not really work well in that position.

Is there another way that does not involve a speaker at all to get the Samsung talking to the Sonos Ones? Something that does not introduce another separate TV interface as the Apple TV does.


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I’d hate to see you move away from the Arc, it is much better at filling a room than the smaller ones.

You could mount the Arc to the back of the TV requiring no additional holes in your walls. Something like this, that is designed for below the TV but likely would work above too.

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I’d not use the Arc upside down. Since it has no way of knowing it is upside down, the stereo effects would be the wrong way round.

One if the concerns is a object at hip height that sticks out 12cm at hip height. It defeats the purpose of the frame TV too which was partially selected for the fact that it only sticks out 2.5cm (1”), bracket and TV.

In regard to not putting it upside down, assuming it is definitely going near the ceiling you would mount it the right way up?

We don’t recommend placing ARC above the TV because this will compromise the experience. Definitely, don’t invert the unit because this will reverse left and right. If you go ahead with the inverted scheme, then swap left and right for the surrounds.

I’d look at other design options, such as a traditional A/V receiver, very flat speakers immediately above or below the TV and ceiling speakers for ATMOS. You will not be able to use SONOS speakers for the surrounds. A SONOS PORT can integrate SONOS with the receiver. You’ll want to incorporate a subwoofer too.

It seems there really are no satisfactory solutions for improving using Sonos in my situation. Currently we are happy with the Sonos 1’s. I would love to trade up to a pair of Era 300’s. They also of course require an Apple TV connected to an already smart TV. This adds some minor inconvenience.. The Apple TV loses the Sonos connection quite often and the speakers must be rebooted.

We really don’t NEED an Arc. What would be really nice is a completely speakerless solution from Sonos. I think it would be a very popular device. Simply a unit that plugs into the TV as an Arc does and communicates that audio to any other Sonos speakers. Basically the communication tech in the Arc minus all of the audio components.

There is a rumor that SONOS is developing a box that might provide some of these functions. It’s just a rumor at this point, no details are available.