Sonos Arc and Amp with in ceiling as 2 zones playing same sound from TV

  • 25 January 2023
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I have in ceiling wiring in Kitchen (marked in Yellow) . Red is the TV. Green dots are the in wall wiring ( I do not have to us if not needed)

All the wiring is dropped in my media room upstairs. For TV, I have 2 ethernet cables. One for internet and another goes to the media room. I think it is to have a HDMI over Cat6 (or so I think)

  1. Can I get a Sonos Arc for the TV. And a Sonos Amp for the in ceiling speakers in the kitchen and play the same sound from the TV in the kitchen (Not as surround rear but as 2 stereo speakers)? The idea is to watch TV and dont have to raise the volume too high to be able to hear in the kitchen. Would there be any lag? How can I connect the AMP to the TV? Will the AMP connect to Sonos Arc?
  2. What is the good set up for what I am trying to accomplish?

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Yes, you can do this.


you would set them up as 2 separate rooms or zones and then when you want to have them both playing the sound from the TV you would group them together in a single group…. You could of course use them independently too if you like.


I sometimes do this with my Arc and Sonos Ons (kitchen) there is a little lag, but not really anything more than a similar amount that you would get at the distance. I personally do not find it distracting, but the rooms are separate and the speakers are about 20 meters apart with a doorway between them