Sonos arc 5.1 music turn off arc

  • 1 August 2021
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Dear Sonos,


I love my 5.1 setup, arc, sub and 2 one sl, but there is one key thing I don’t really like at all. That’s the arc music quality. In comparison the ones sound ALOT better.


I would absolutely love to be able to turn off the arc when listening to music so it’s just from the ones and sub. Could u please make this option available.

I know I can set ones volume up but that’s not good nor will it match with the sub (right?). 


Many thanks for anyone who can help me get this request to the employees/developers.

3 replies

Understood! It’s a request we’ve seen from a few other users with 5.1 setups so I’ll be sure to add your feedback into the mix :slight_smile:

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@James L. 

Hi James, thank you for the quick response! Maybe it’s good to add the reasoning, its because the arcs sound is quite different then the ones so when playing music I would prefer just the sound of the ones. I also think many people would be happy with this option (or switching the sub to multiple “trueplay saved groups”. But I know this is mentioned before and think this is easier). 

In fact, if this would become an option I would even like to upgrade to fives for the music 😁

Hi @Nadian,


Thanks for your feedback and suggestion. While this isn’t possible at the moment, I’ll be happy to share your feature request with our developers for consideration. Please do let us know if you have any other suggestions :slight_smile: