Sonos App on iPhone no longer switches to TV when TV is on using Beam Speaker

  • 13 September 2023
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I have a Samsung TV and a Beam Speaker.   When I turn on the TV, the Sonos App on my iPhone no longer recognizes that the TV is on and I am unable to control the TV (Beam) volume with my iphone Sonos App. I am still able to use my Samsung remote to adjust the Beam volume, but I prefer to use my iphone Sonos App to adjust the volume .  How do I get my iphone Sonos App to recognize that the TV is on? I already checked Settings on the Sonos app, and “TV Autoplay” is turned on. I tried turning the TV Autoplay on and off, and I tried turning off and on my iPhone, but this did not help . 


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This should not be happening. You should be able to change the volume on any source with the app. Maybe call Sonos to see what’s happening?