Sonos and Oppo

  • 22 December 2016
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I know that this question has been asked in one form or another in the forums, I think that I am messing up one or more settings. But, despite the research, I still do not have it working and need advice. I have the following equipment:
- Oppo UDP-203
- Samsung UN55KS8500
- Sonos Playbar

The setup is Oppo --> HDMI --> TV --> Optical --> Playbar.

The Playbar produces 5.1 Dolby Digital sound when the TV source is cable or streaming. The ABOUT in the app says "Dolby Digital 5.1" (Although, I have yet to hear the rear channels, I have no idea how to assure a source producing sound on all channels in order to test this.)

The Playbar produces no sound whatsoever when the source is the Oppo. The ABOUT in the app says "Silence" is the input. (The TV is supposed to pass through signals.)

To test, I temporarily connected the optical that was from the TV into the Oppo and did not get a sound.

What is the proper setting for the Oppo and the TV? I assume that I am messing up a setting.

Thank you.

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2 replies

You need to set up the audio settings in the Oppo to send dolby digital only. I'd be willing to bet it is sending DTS, which would sound like silence to the Sonos, and possibly to the TV.
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Wow that thing has some options ;O)
Another option would be to use oppo optical out joined to tv optical out with a splitter, then into playbar.