Sonos and Netflix

  • 17 February 2017
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Can anyone help me get sound from my Netflix app on Samsung TV. My setup is as follows:-
Samsung ks658000 connected directly to Sonos Playbar.
Sky Q is connected to the TV, along with Samsung Blu Ray player both via HDMI
I also have a Sub And 2 Play 1s. The TV and Blu Ray player both work, giving me 5.1 output but when I watch Netflix, YouTube, etc through my TV apps I get no sound at all. The only way I can get sound is if I change the sound output from 'optical' to ,TV speakers'. I have tried changing the TV audio settings HDMI Audio Format to PCM and Bitstream and also changed from and to Dolby Digital but nothing seems to help. Hopefully it's just something simple I've missed. Any help greatfully appreciated.

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2 replies


I'd recommend getting in touch with Samsung, since you've proven it has to do with the TV, and not an issue with Sonos.

I'd also look to see if you have a different set of audio controls for Netflix when using that app in particular on your TV, since everything you've said points to the fact that the app is sending something other than 5.1 out of the optical port. Unfortunately, I don't have a Samsung like you have, and can't check directly, but I suspect a call to Samsung might get you the answers you seek.
Not sure if this will help but, perhaps just as a troubleshooting experiment....

Is your BluRay a Smart BluRay? My Samsung BR is. If so, can you run Netflix from there, and run the optical temporarily from the BR to the Playbar? That cuts the TV out of the audio equation, and should tell you something about where the issue lies. You will have to make sure that the BR settings for audio over optical are set to DD5.1, including transcoding from DTS.