Sonos and Amazon Fire Stick 4K

  • 6 February 2020
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Hi Guys, I would like to purchase a Amazon Fire Stick 4K here in Singapore.

This is my setup:

Samsung Smart TV (2015) with Sonos playbar in living room

Samsung Smart TV (2015) with Sonos beam in master bedroom


I currently have NO problems running any of the videos on the Prime Video app and the Netflix app through my Sonos. However, I want to purchase the Amazon Fire Stick 4K for a more 
“one-screen-see-all-apps” experience. And also because I would like to access Apple TV+ and DIsney+ for my kids.


Could someone PLEASE advice me on the following:

  1. Can I ditch my TV remote? I.e. Can the Amazon Fire Stick 4K remote control my SONOS speakers and TV, or would I still continue to operate this speakers and TV using the TV remote? I understand IR control would be required. Does the Amazon Fire Stick 4K have IR capabilities?
  2. Are there any issues with the routing of sound of apps run on the Fire Stick 4K through my Sonos speakers? I’ve seen some advice in a few threads regarding selecting Dolby Digital rather than Dolby Digital+. What is the difference? Will I be expecting to have problems playing sound through the Sonos speakers if I run apps / videos on the Fire STick 4K?

Would really appreciate ANY advice on the above.  I would really like to purchase the stick asap so that my 2 year olds can enjoy Disney+ soon.  


Thank you in advance.


3 replies


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  1. If using a Beam via HDMI-ARC then Yes. Playbar requires IR and I can’t remember if the stick does that (mine is 1500 miles away right now).
  2. No issues once you set the Stick to DD 5.1, assuming your Samsung supports pass-thru. 2015 is a risky timeframe for Samsung understanding the HDCP specification, you might need an EDID Manager to get more than stereo.

The Firestick 4k is pretty nice. You may need to use some anti-geofencing magic to get some services to work in Singapore, I had to in Mexico for some of mine.

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Hey @Nashstruck  thanks for the post and welcome to the Sonos Community.


The Sonos Home Theater system only operates with an IR signal. It looks like the Amazon Fire Stick 4K should be able to transmit IR, but you may need to consult with Amazon’s documentation on configuring that.


To address your second question,  Sonos is not currently supported with Dolby Digital+. Our current supported formats are Dolby Digital 5.1 and PCM. Using either of these two formats should produce audio when operating with the Home Theater player. Dolby Digital+ is proprietary to certain media hardware.


@controlav  had some great advice regarding the connectivity of Sonos and the Amazon Fire Stick 4K as well.


If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to reply to this thread and I would be happy to help out.