Sonos Amp vs Playbar

  • 15 April 2019
  • 4 replies

Our new house is getting build and it now up to doing the internal wiring and we are reviewing our TV Surround Sound setup.

Do we stick with the Sono Playbar, or replace it with the Sono Amp and put in in wall speakers.

If you were starting again, would you just have your Playbar under your TV, or swap over to the Sono Amp with in wall speakers?

4 replies

That's a hard call. I like the expansive field of using 2 speakers at a width I can determine, but I also like having a true center speaker. I think it's entirely a personal judgement, and one that I can't make at this moment.
So maybe a middle ground. Keep the Sono Playbar and add to rear speakers using Sono Amp and two in-wall rear speakers? Wonder is there is a Sonos Playbar 2 on the way, cause the the Sonos Playbar....looks dated compared to their other products. (the Playbar needs a make over and look more in line the Beam)
That would work. The Sonos Amp has the 5Ghz antenna necessary to connect to the PLAYBAR and run a pair of surround speakers.
I did playbar front (ethernet) Sonos sub wifi, and Sonos amp (Ethernet) powering rear surround ceiling speakers. If I were to do it again I would do a Sonos amp hidden in a built in under the tv with pre wiring to built in speaker cabinets or shelves that allow me to pick whatever speakers I want to use. Reasonably happy with the rear surround setup. Not great that it comes from ceiling but whatever it’s just my living room not the serious theatre setup which shouldn’t have any Sonos.