Sonos amp eARC support

  • 15 April 2019
  • 4 replies

Hi All,

Was looking forward to buy Sonos AMP. Hence wanted to verify if the HDMI on it supports eARC or just ARC. eARC is important for me since I am planning to connect to TV. eARC as I see provides Lip sync support on HDMI.


4 replies

I understand HDMI-eARC is backward compatible, so it should work with HDMI-ARC Devices.
Yes it is backward compatible, but without eARC Lip sync support is not standard and TV manufactures may not support Lip sync feature on plain ARC.
Ah I see, let’s hope the TV manufacturers go onto implement the standard as you hope, as the implementation of HDMI-ARC seems to vary across some products.

Personally I would choose to go for the Amp and try it out, as Sonos do have quite a good no quibble returns policy, if you are not happy with it for ANY reason. So customers can’t really lose anything by seeing if it works with their current hardware.
I don't believe there's anything in the Sonos marketing material about the Sonos Amp supporting eARC.

I suppose at some point, if they could do it as a software upgrade, they might, but right now, there's no indication that they do.