Sonos Amp and infrared TV remote

  • 20 April 2019
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I'm planning to get a Sonos Amp and connect it to a TV using the optical audio adapter.
Will I be able to control the sound level using the infrared TV remote?

Best answer by Airgetlam 21 April 2019, 03:30

Absolutely, yes.

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3 replies

Absolutely, yes.

See this post:
Absolutely, yes.

Thanks a lot!

Still struggling with myself. Hard to choose:
- go for a full Sonos experience with the dedicated amplification for each speaker (Beam ou Playbase);
- keep my faithful Mission 782 set of speakers. :?
I hope you win in this struggle :)

I'm a fan of the PLAYBAR, or PLAYBASE, due to the wider sound field, although the Beam has slightly updated technology, which makes it enticing. Do what makes sense for you, and listen to others advice with a grain of salt. None of us should be able to tell you what's right for your situation, your ears, your style of living.

Good luck!