Sonos Amp and eARC

  • 1 August 2022
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Hi! So i just got a new TV with eARC and i have now set the eARC to “auto” in the TV.

But does my Sonos Amp gen2 even support it? Will there be any benefits enabling e-arc in the TV, or will my system automatically just use the regular ARC?


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5 replies

ARC only supports up to DD+, eARC support lossless Dolby TrueHD. 

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Hi! Yes, but can the Sonos Amp Gen2 handle earc at all?

Hi! Yes, but can the Sonos Amp Gen2 handle earc at all?


It can use eARC, but it cannot process the lossless codec(s) and/or DD+, so no, it is not of any use on the Amp.

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Thank you! I heard that eARC has a lip sync feature. This won’t be used by the amp either?

When the TV is set to eARC Auto it will recognise that the amp cant handle it and automatically switch to regular ARC?

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Probably. The Amp needs ARC (Audio Return Channel) to work. So if you have sound from the TV it must use ARC.