Sonos Amp + 3rd Party Subwoofer

  • 27 July 2019
  • 3 replies

I have recently ordered the new Sonos Amp. Does it have the same limitations as the Connect:Amp in regards to using a 3rd Party subwoofer when used in the Surround mode with a Playbar in that the Amp would also disconnect the sub outputs?

If that is the case, I assume that you could add the Amp as just another Sonos speaker (rather than setting up the Playbar for Surround) and that the 3rd party subwoofer would work properly.

Am I correct? Would this be a good workaround?

3 replies

Yes, that's correct, and no, it would be challenging.

The difficulty with using the Amp as another Sonos speaker is that you would need to "group" the Amp as a separate "room" with your PLAYBAR, which means it would have the 70ms delay involved.

I would not recommend this as a workaround. The sounds of explosions happening 70ms after they show on the screen would be quite a challenge for my brain.

Honestly, you're better off with a Sonos SUB to bond with the PLAYBAR.
Thank you. I hadn't realized that. I have been checking to find a refurbished Sonos Sub or one in good shape from eBay/Facebook MarketPlace, but haven't found one yet....
Yea, it will continue to be hard. Despite the protestations of those who end up being unhappy with Sonos for “reasons”, they hold their value extremely well. Haven’t checked your location, but if you’re here in the states, I waited for Best Buy “open box” discounts on both SUBs I bought. Not a huge discount, but cheaper than anything I ever saw on eBay.